The Mirror of Beauty

The Mirror of Beauty 1.4

Change just about everything about your appearance


  • Very comprehensive - allows you to change everything
  • Features a style advisor based on your look
  • Easy to use and apply effects
  • Instructions very detailed


  • Graphics are quite poor

Not bad

If you've ever wanted to change your face drastically but don't have the money to go to a plastic surgeon then you can always fantasize online. The Mirror of Beauty performs the task of a virtual surgeon by allowing you to try out different face shapes, hairstyles and makeup in the hope of giving you the perfect face.

As far as beauty programs go, this is certainly one of the most comprehensive. You can do literally everything from face lifts, nip and tuck jobs to complete makeovers and even change sex. Certainly, there's nothing stranger than seeing yourself as a woman and the program is worth downloading for that alone.

This program is also designed for those that are seeking inspiration - if you''re always at a loss as what to wear at the beach or in the evenings, The Mirror of Beauty has a an automatic style generator for night time, celebrations, on vacation etc. The program aims to apply what it calls "The Science of Beauty" to makeovers.

If you're nervous about going under the knife or just want to see how you might look in different guises, this is one of the most feature packed and flexible you'll use..

The Mirror of Beauty is the most advanced virtual
makeover system on the market today. The Mirror of Beauty will allow you to achieve a number of new and exciting looks with a minimum of effort.

Add everything to your virtual face or even your own face including lip gloss, give yourself luscious lips, a virtual nose job, make yourself look like the opposite sex or even have a botox job. if you've ever wanted a face lift without touching a knife, this is the program for you.

The Mirror of Beauty


The Mirror of Beauty 1.4

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